Alabama State Law Summary

Posted on January 3, 2012


Last updated December 9, 2013

In our publication 2013 State Scorecard: Why Gun Laws Matter, the Law Center ranked each state based on a review of state laws in 30 different firearms-related policy areas. Alabama ranked 25th out of 50 – having enacted few gun violence prevention laws.

In 2013, the Alabama legislature enacted new laws that relate to firearms. These new laws are described below.

enacted in 2013

Laws that Strengthen Gun Regulation

AL S 133 Strengthens requirements regarding sending mental health records to NICS and require petition for relief of disability due to mental health issue to be directed to circuit court rather than probate.

Laws that Weaken Gun Regulation

AL H 8 Proposes an amendment to the right to bear arms provision in the state constitution requiring that any firearms law be subject to strict scrutiny.
AL H 404 Authorizes the formation of volunteer emergency security forces at public schools in the county consisting of current and retired school employees and local citizens.
AL S 286 Removes discretion from CCW permit issuing authorities making AL a “shall issue” state. Clarifies preemption language and allow lawsuits against local governments, amends CCW permit eligibility requirements, expands where CCW permit holders may carry, requires state and local entities to allow storage of firearms on public property, prohibits an employer from inquiring about firearms in vehicles, prohibits a property owner from restricting firearms in parking areas, and repeals the prohibition against the possession of a firearm at a public demonstration.
AL S 383 Authorizes each local board of education to allow persons employed as school security personnel or school resource officers to carry firearms while on duty.


While Alabama does require handgun dealers to obtain a state license, this requirement does not apply to dealers who only sell rifles and shotguns. In addition, Alabama does not:

Local governments in Alabama generally lack authority to regulate firearms or ammunition.

In 2010, Alabama had the third highest number of gun deaths per capita among the states. In addition, based on data published by Mayors Against Illegal Guns (“MAIG”), in 2009 Alabama ranked fifth among the states in the rate of crime gun exports – guns originally purchased in that state that were recovered after being used in a crime in another state. Alabama exports crime guns at a rate that is more than double the national average, and more than double the rate at which it imports crime guns from other states.

Alabama Firearms Laws

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