Other Location Restrictions in Arizona

Posted on January 3, 2012

Arizona law generally prohibits the possession of a firearm on the premises of a licensed bar or a restaurant that serves alcohol.1 Employees of the business are prohibited from knowingly allowing prohibited possession of a firearm on the premises.2 In 2009, Arizona enacted a law allowing concealed weapons permit holders to carry handguns into the premises of a licensed bar or restaurant that serves alcohol unless the alcohol licensee has posted a sign that clearly prohibits the possession of weapons on the licensed premises. The sign must meet certain requirements.3 The new law also prohibits anyone, even a concealed weapons permit holder, from consuming alcohol while in possession of a firearm on the premises of this kind of business.4

Arizona law also prohibits possession of a firearm:

  • In an election polling place on the day of any election;5
  • On the person or within the immediate control of any person in a nuclear or hydroelectric generating station;6
  • In any “public establishment,” or while attending any “public event,” after a reasonable request to remove the weapon and place it in the custody of the operator of the establishment or sponsor of the event for temporary and secure storage.7 “Public establishment” means a structure, vehicle or craft owned, leased or operated by the state or a political subdivision.8 “Public event” means an event of limited duration conducted by a public entity or a private entity with a permit or license granted by a public entity;9 or
  • On the grounds of a jail or correctional facility or a secure care facility under the jurisdiction of the Department of Juvenile Corrections.10

State administrative regulations may prohibit the carrying of firearms in additional locations.

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    • The person was not informed of the notice prior to the violation;
    • The sign had fallen down at the time of the violation; or
    • At the time of the violation, the sign had been posted for thirty days or less.
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