Polling on Registration of Firearms

Posted on September 6, 2012

An August 2012 poll found that 76% of respondents favor requiring gun owners to register their guns with local government.1

A January 2011 poll of registered voters found that 66% of respondents favor requiring every gun owner to register his or her firearms as part of a national gun registry.2

A poll conducted after the 2008 presidential election found that 68% of voters, including 60% of gun owners, support the registration of guns.3

A national poll conducted for Mayors Against Illegal Guns in the spring of 2008 found that 70% of Americans favor requiring every gun owner to register each gun he or she owns as part of a national gun registry.4

An earlier Mayors Against Illegal Guns poll, conducted in January 2007, found that 73% of respondents, including 54% of gun owners, favor a requirement that every gun owner register each gun he or she owns as part of a national gun registry.5

A 2008 CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll found that 79% of Americans favor requiring guns to be registered.6

A poll of likely 2004 presidential election voters found that 67% of Americans support requiring individual gun owners to register their firearms with the federal government.7

A nationwide poll conducted in May 2001 found that 70% of respondents mistakenly believe that a registration system already exists in the U.S. That poll showed that 83% of respondents, including 72% of gun owners, favor registration for newly-purchased handguns.8

Another 2001 poll conducted by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago found that 76.9% of Americans desire mandatory registration of handguns. Close to 70% of poll respondents also favor regular re-registering of handguns.9

A poll of high school students on firearm-related policies found that almost 96% of such students support mandatory registration of guns.10

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